# Setup

This page will guide you step by step what all activities you need to perform to setup Jamku in your office and to take maximum benefit of Jamku.

# 1. Initialisation & Data Import

Once you have purchased Jamku license, you need to constitue an "Implementaiton Team" in your office. The term for this team will typically be 3 months from the date of purchase of Jamku.

# Responsibilities of Implementation Team

  1. Oversee all the activities of Jamku implementation
  2. Gather data & get the data ready for import (in templates provided by Jamku)
  3. Decide how the Jamku will be configured, use best practices while configuring Jamku.
  4. Be a single point of contact between Jamku Support and all other team members in the firm. All the queries of team members are routed through this team.
  5. Schedule data import session and training for all team members with Jamku Support
  6. Install Jamku App on all the devices of all team members
  7. Celebrate migration of office from existing system to Jamku (For motivation).
  8. Ensure all the team members are using Jamku for until the term of Implementaiton Team (i.e. 3 Months) (This is tracked using Daily Dashboard)
  9. Conduct 4 Weekly meeting with all team members to
    • Gather feedback,
    • Guage problems they are facing,
    • Level of undertanding of the system (aka Jamku)
    • Conduct internal training sessions if required
  10. Define KPI and fix up responsibiity to monitor Jamku usage (this is the handover phase)

# Members of Implementation Team

Depending upon team size of the office, we recommend below count of Minimum and Maximum

  • Small Office (Less than 10 Users) - 2/3 Team Members
  • Medium Office (10 to 40 Users) - 3/4 Team Members
  • Large Office (50-150 Users) - 3/5 Team Members
  • Enrormus Office (150 + Users) - 4/5 Team Members

Consitution of the Implentation Team

  • Partner / Properitor
  • Senior Team Leader / Manager
  • Team Member with lot of Enthusiasm and atleast a little bit tech savvy

# Data Import

Jamku support provides a complete handholding support in importing your data into Jamku. You will need to gather data in the templates provided. Then schedule a Data Import Session, in which the support team will connect via screen sharing session and help you in importing the data.

While gathering or preparing the data, if you have any quesions or queries, please do reach out to support team. Based on our past experience of 2 years, typically we get 2/3 calls for queries on how to gather the data. Please inform us atleast a day in advance for the data import session to be scheduled.

# 2. Training

For bigger offices (15+ Team Members), we provide 2 training sessions

  1. Cover all basis of Jamku - All Team Members
  2. Review & Planning - Team leaders, Managers, Partners, Admin Team

For smaller offices (less than 15 Team Members), both the content of training are covered in a single training session.

Training is typically provided in batches of 12 to 15 users. This ensures, we can answer all the questions in the training session itself. Please inform us atleast a day in advance for the training to be scheduled.

# 3. Configuration

Last Updated: 06 Apr 2020