# Task Searching Questions

  1. Status status:[G,C] Chips OR
  2. Task Name TaskName:Gstr 3B Text
  3. Client Name ClientName:Manoj Text
  4. Creation Date Created:[2020-01-03,2020-09-23] FuzzyDate
  5. Due Date Due:[2020-01-03,2020-09-23] FuzzyDate
  6. Target Date Target:[2020-01-03,2020-09-23] FuzzyDate
  7. Completion Date Completed:[2020-01-03,2020-09-23] FuzzyDate
  8. Year Year:[2020,2019] Dropdown-Multi OR
  9. Period Period:[Q1,Q2] Dropdown-Multi OR
  10. Team Member Team:[Adarsh,Priya] Dropdown-Multi ANDOR
  11. Team Member Count TeamCount:0 Number
  12. Task Lable Lable:[+Done,-Done] Negative Multi ANDOR
  13. Client Tag Tag:[+Done,-NotDone] Negative Multi ANDOR
  14. Service Name ServiceName:GST Selection
  15. Service Category ServiceCategory:GST Selection
  16. X3 Task Category, P, C TaskCategory:New Dropdown-Multi ANDOR
  17. X3 Client Category, P, C ClientProfitCenter:Panvel Dropdown-Multi ANDOR
  18. X3 Group Category, P,C GroupCategory:360 Dropdown-Multi ANDOR
  19. Billing Status BillingStatus:Billed Chips
  20. Verification Status VerificationStatus:Verified SingleChip
  21. Verificaiton Date Verified:[2020-01-03,2020-09-23] FuzzyDate
  22. Task Numbers TaskNos:[T001,T002] ArrayText OR
  23. Client Numbers ClientNos:[T001,T002] ArrayText OR
  24. Client Group Numbers GroupNos:[G0001,G0003] ArrayText OR
  25. Report Filter ReportFilter:My Select
  26. Last Work done LastWorkDateBefore:2020-01-01 FuzzyDate
  27. Priority Priority:[1,2] Chips OR
  28. Stage (only if Service Selected) THINK COMPLEX(Table) AND
  29. Custom Field (only if Service Selected) FieldChip Feild Dependednt AND

# Inspiration

  • https://uxplanet.org/how-to-improve-advanced-search-ux-450df698004c
  • https://dribbble.com/tags/advanced_search